After my annual doctor check-up in February, I’ve been really depressed about my health. I know I’ve improved in the last year – eating better, exercising often and losing fat – but I’m very close to being unhealthy again. Although my doctor gave me instructions, she wasn’t very encouraging or kind. She didn’t really acknowledge my improvement, which made me not case as much about being nice to my own body – both physically and mentally – because I’m not getting any positive feedback.

(I believe her method is tough love.)

My brother is worse off, but his girlfriend decided to watch over him. She works at a vegan juice bar, and knows what he should be eating more of and what he should be eating less of. After a nice dinner conversation with her, she suggested a cleansing diet – no grain (rice, bread, pasta, etc.), starch (potato) and protein (meat and fat).

I am a very skeptical person. I take all dieting regimens very hesitatingly. I don’t believe in changing one’s diet dramatically because it can not be healthy for the body to shift habits so abruptly. Instead, I’ve decided to ease my body in.

I’ve always found meat too time consuming and difficult to prepare and cook (i.e. defrosting, seasoning, cooking, etc.), so I nexied meat from my menu right off the bat. Grain is a little more difficult. I’ve eaten rice twice and some rice noodles once. My brother’s girlfriend bought some bread that I can supposedly eat on this cleansing diet, so I ate that for a few days. I’ve also invest in some rice cakes just in case.

For the past week, I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables and tofu, and a bit of fruit. I’ve left yogurt on the menu because of all the health benefits, and I sometimes indulge in a granola bar. The only problem with this cleansing diet is that I’ve chosen the wrong time to to it:

Easter chocolates are on sale!

I haven’t eaten a lot, but I’ve had some chocolate for the past four days – bits and pieces here and there… and maybe I’ve consumed two Cadbury chocolate eggs yesterday, but I will not confirm those numbers for anybody! >_<

I thought about being on this diet for two weeks, just to start getting the toxins out, and then see where it goes from there. Keeping meat off the menu (or even having less meat) would be easy to maintain, and not consuming much grain, surprisingly, is also easy. (Again, it’s too time consuming to wait for the rice to cook.)

So far, I’m not feeling any negative side effects, but I’m not feeling anything positive either. :/ I’ll see how it goes after this week.

On another note: our refrigerator died and spoiled all our meat. Thus, even if I feel like spontaneously eating meat at home, it’s not going to happen unless I go to the grocery store, but I’m always either too lazy or hungry to brave the trek. >_<

P.S. I also drink Red Rose tea with cream and sugar… It’s one of the ways to calm me and ease me into not eating meat.


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3 thoughts on “Cleansing

  1. You know, doctors who can’t give substantial advice, especially when you ask them for it, either don’t know the answer or just don’t care. Both of which make them a bad doctor. I’ve had this happen to me, one is when I complained to an eye-doctor about headaches… and she said she didn’t really know, I said maybe it’s cause I read a lot and strain my eyes, and she’s like maybe. She didn’t give me any advice, nor did she bother telling me she’d try to figure it out or suggest how I can. Another was my regular doctor and I told her I have a bit or trouble convincing myself to eat during summer because I don’t do much and hence I’m not hungry and that I’m hopelessly addicted to soda; she didn’t say anything helpful either.
    I would suggest getting a new doctor; but I know how hard it is to find one… though… you live in Canada, right? Do you guys have problems with insurance like we do?
    But you’re right about drastically changing diets; my friends went vegetarian and became lactose intolerant. Also, I don’t think I could survive without meat… it’s like my main diet.
    Good luck to you though!

    • Wow. You commented really fast. Like, I posted it 10 minutes ago, and you replied. You totally surprised me! ^_^

      It was really hard getting a doctor, only because my parents aren’t really the “going to the doctor” type. If nothing hurts or is broken, then there’s no reason for a regular check-up. Only now that I’m starting to become more aware of my body (and the fact that in the newspaper there was a 30-year-old dying from a heart attack), that I decided to get a doctor. Canada’s Health Plan is pretty good (although, of course, I would’ve liked glasses and dental to be covered too), and we can see the doctor and get some shots for free. I’m not sure how it is in other countries? (Are you from USA? I’m sorry. I can never remember. ^_^;)

      And is it bad that I had a huge craving for KFC today? O.O

      • Yeah, I guess I was around, but I didn’t see this comment for some reason. I hope it didn’t seem creeperish.
        Also, I don’t go to the doctor that often either, mostly cause I hate mine, I only went because I needed a form filled out for college. I know what you mean about the whole becoming aware of the body though. I mean, I’m only 21 (recently) and I get the “I’m getting old” moments when my knees creek or I get heartburn.
        And yeah, I’m from the U.S. … our health system sucks.
        Not necessarily, I get bad cravings for tacos… Mmmm… tacos.

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