Nocte Yin Birthdays

It had occurred to me years ago that I should have given my characters a birth date. After much deliberation (and scourging the internet for information on astrological signs, numerology and month symbolism), I have come up with a very crude list. I began, of course, with the First Family of the Yin Clan. Perhaps, in time, I will add to this list.

[Note: The featured image above is of the calendula (marigold), the birth flower for October – for both Nocte and I.]

Umbra | November 18 | Scorpio

Malise | June 16 | Cancer

Gash | April 10 | Aries

Ebony | August 31 | Leo

Nocte | October 13 | Libra

Occult | January 27 | Aquarius

Dire | January 8 | Capricorn


Calendula | Birth Flower of October


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