The World

The world of Erisire is always changing in my head, simply because I, myself, don’t know everything about the planet. Sometimes I create towns and cities beforehand, but most of the time I construct places to move the plot along. I will be updating this list as the series progresses!

Eris: Small island where the Council of Erisire meet, in the middle of all the continents
Iavindat: Mostly consist of deserts; north of Iavindine
Iavindine: A country under water; south of Iavindat
Lamise: Most technologically advanced, the frozen continent, Dire rules over as Emperor
Xon: A third evil, a third good and a third neutral
Yhaes: Jungle
Zyrinth: Floating continent

Eris Aqua: The body of water around Eris
Iaqua: Northeast of Eris, North of Iavind, East of Lamise
Laqua: Northwest of Eris, North of Xon, West of Lamise
Xaqua: Southwest of Eris, South of Xon, West of Yhaes
Yhaqua: Southeast of Eris, South of Iavind, East of Yhaes

Description: Seven countries, one empire, where the Yin, Paine, Yang and Lucent reside.
Absconditus River: Runs through the middle of the continent and in the city of Medius
Macella: The neutral marketplace in Medius
Medius: The neutral capital city
Sanvelent Plains: The vast grassland
The Forest of Webs: A forest full of giant spiders and dead bodies
Vita: Hero capital city
Vorago: Villain capital city
Weeping Willow: Villain marketplace
Xinque: Hero half of Xon
Xyne: Villain half of Xon
Zhōng: Royal Kingdom of Xon

Description: Composed of glaciers and frozen land. Most cities are carved within innards of the hollowed glaciers.

Description: Small continent with three countries
Yhaemel: The country of vampires, where Blackthorn rules
Yhaekail: The country of werewolves
Yhaezet: The country of witches, where Ebony resides

Description: Eight countries, floating islands, where the Bloodstone and  Prosperitas live.


Peony | Queen of Flowers


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