The Characters

When I first started the series, I hadn’t thought that there should be a limit to the number of character. It wasn’t after a literary agent read through the first Nocte Yin, did I understand that I may be confusing readers with so many characters. I can keep them (sort of) on track in my head, but that may not be the same for my audience. Ever since then, every story I write – that is not part of the Nocte Yin series – has a minimum set of characters. It is hard to maintain, and I usually break those rules.

For those who have trouble remembering the characters, here is a list of most of the characters, form the most popular to the most obscure:

The Yin Clan

Description: A Villain Powerhouse whose rival is the Paine Clan; their greatest adversary is the Yang Clan.

Eldest Family
Great-Grandfather: Tao
Great-Grandmother: Lian
Great-Aunt: Nox (Second; sister of Tao)
Great-Uncle: Channing (Third; brother of Tao)
Great-Uncle: Hamish (Fourth; brother of Tao)

Elder Family
Grandfather: Nihar
Grandmother: Achlys
Grand-Uncle: Ignatius (Second; brother of Nihar)
Grand-Aunt: Cassandra (Third; sister of Nihar)

First Family
Father: Umbra (Lord Yin)
Mother: Malise (Lady Yin, née Hēi)
Heir: Gash (First Son)
Spare: Ebony (First Daughter)
Third: Nocte (Second Daughter)
Fourth: Occult (Third Daughter)
Fifth: Dire (Second Son)

Second Family

Father: Hadrian (Brother of Umbra)
Mother: Brenna
First: Donovan
Second: Adrian (Twin of Adrienne)
Third: Adrienne (Twin of Adrian)

Third Family
Father: Kern
Mother: Kirra (Sister of Umbra)
First: Kali
Second: Karyan
Third: Keaira
Fourth: Keeran (Deceased)

Fourth Family
Father: Ince (Deceased, killed by Melanctha)
Mother: Melanctha (Sister of Umbra)
First: Jetta
Second: Jet (Adopted)

The Hēi Clan

Description: Allies to the Yin and rivals to the Noir

Elder Family
Grandfather: Shui Lóng
Grandmother: Fèng Huáng
Grand-Uncle: Nebulous (Second, brother of Shui Lóng)
Grand-Uncle: [Unnamed] (Third, brother of Shui Lóng)
First Family
Father: Mayon (Lord Hēi)
Mother: Ciara (Lady Hēi)
Heir: Siyamak (First Son, the Heir)
Spare: Ohanzee (Seond Son, the Spare)
Third: Lae (First Daughter)
Fourth: Sauda (Second Daughter)

Second Family
(See the First Family under Yin)

Third Family
Father: Merrit (Brother of Mayon)
Mother: Huyen (First Wife, divorced, ran away)
First: Bronwen
Second: Merle
Mother: Daray (Second Wife)
Third: Odysseus
Fourth: Tynan
Fifth: Nigel

The Opal Clan

Description: Joined to the Yin Clan through Theron’s marriage to Ebony.

  Father: Theron (Ebony’s fiancé)
First: Ayers (First Son)*
Second: Jade (First Daughter)*
Third: Garret (Second Son)*
Fourth: Emi (Second Daughter)*
Fifth: Lewellyn (Third Son)**All from different mothers.

The Villain Powerhouses

The Paine Clan

Description: Rivals to the Yin Clan. Their greatest adversary is the Lucent Clan.

Father: Thorne (Lord Paine)
Mother: Ruine (Lady Paine)
Spare: Acanthus (First son, eldest child)
Second: Melantha (Daughter, middle child)
Heir: Necrosis (Second Son)

The Bloodstone Clan

Description: Their rival is the Kheftey Clan and their greatest adversary is the Prosperitas Clan.

Father: Vile (Lord Bloodstone)
Mother: [Unnamed] (Lady Bloodstone)
Heir: [Unnamed] (First Son)
Spare: [Unnamed] (Second Son)
Third: Incubus (Third Son, twin of Succubus)
Fourth: Succubus (Twin of Incubus)
Servant: Lysistrata (A Destroyer)
Servant: Kardama (A necromancer; history with Kemisi)

The Kheftey Clan

Description: Their rival is the Bloodstone Clan and their greatest adversary is the Freesia Clan.

Head: Sheut (Lord Kheftey; mute)
37th Concubine: Priti (Nocte’s acrobatics tutor)
Servant: Kaleo (Translator for Lord Kheftey)
Servant: Shea (A brown-skinned elf. He’s an excellent swordsman.)
Servant: Kemisi (A necromancer who has a soft spot for opium.)

The Hero Powerhouses

The Yang Clan

Description: Greatest adversary of the Yin Clan.

Father: Zsigmond (Lord Yang)

Mother: Isadora (Lady Yang)
Heir: Delano (First Son)
Spare: Garett (Second Son)
Third: Erin (Daughter)

The Lucent Clan

Description: Greatest adversary of the Paine Clan.

Father: [Unnamed] (Seventh brother to the Lord Lucent)
Mother: [Unnamed]
Heir: [Unnamed] (First Son)
Spare: [Unnamed] (Second Son)
Third: [Unnamed] (Third Son)
Fourth: [Unnamed] (Fourth Son)
Fifth: [Unnamed] (Fifth Son)
Sixth: [Unnamed] (Sixth Son)
Seventh: Doctor (Seventh Son)

The Prosperitas Clan

Description: Greatest adversary of the Bloodstone Clan.

Father: [Unnamed] (Lord Prosperitas)
Mother: [Unnamed] (Lady Prosperitas)
Heir: Kardos (First Son)

The Freesia Clan

Description: The Royal Family of Selkies whose greatest adversary is the Kheftey Clan.

Father: Merrick (Lord Freesia)
Mother: [Unnamed] (Lady Freesia)
Heir: Amaris (Second Daughter, twin of Drisana; heir due to her affinity to the Moon)
Spare: Drisana (First Daughter, twin of Amaris)
Third: Morven (Son)



Father: Jabari
Mother: Narkeasha
Daughter: Aman (Nocte’s best friend; the Lady Archer)


Heir: Savvy (Nocte’s “friend”)
Spare: Aira (Occult’s “friend”)


Pyralis (An orphan; an alchemy prodigy; the Lady Alchemist)


Corliss (A healer; the Lady Healer)

Aeolus and the Four Winds

Description: Loyal spies of Nocte Yin, the Lady Necromancer.

  Aeolus: Melissa Witley
Boreas: Ivy Armstrong
Eurus: Janelle Huntington
Notus: Kara Sundancer
Zephyrus: Christine Evelyn


The Noir Clan

Description: Allies of the Paine Clan and rivals to the Hēi.

Heir: Ladomér
Spare: Yves

Lesser Clans


Heir: Hayai (Deputy Headmaster of Evil Academy)


Patriarch: Zenos (Pharmkon) (Ramiro’s great-grandfather)
Heir: Axelia (Headmistress of Hero Academy)


Heir: Calixto
Spare: Terrian


(Yhaemel’s Royal Vampiric Family)
Heir: Vanessa

Martial World

Lit Sek (Orc; Master Monk of the Fog Mountain Sect; Nocte’s sifu)
Xiāng Huā (Master of the Dark Moon Sect; relationship with Siyamak[?])

Xonese Imperial Family

Empress: Mĕi Fèng (Born with high chakra and chi energies)
Former Emperor: Jīn Lóng (Deceased)
Empress Dowager: Pīng Fèng
Grand Empress Dowager: No name
Prince: Zhé Lóng (Mĕi Fèng’s older brother by another mother; a man in his thirties)
Prince: Piān Lóng (Mĕi Fèng’s younger brother by the same mother; a child)



Marie (A mother who can sense spirits)
Burghard (A soft man; fond of Marie)
Tarik (A dark warlock with a demon’s mark on his neck)
Damian (Chauffer and servant of Tarik’s)


Alex (Skilled charms maker; older brother to Chantée)
Chantée (A young girl; younger sister to Alex; the true Singer)
Siren (A famous pop star; mistaken for the Singer in the prophecy)
Seth ([Cover] Master Vampire of Juncture City)
Pàn (Old warrior)
Priscilla (Vampire)
Achindra ([True] Master Vampire of Juncture City)


Queen Tatiana (Seelie)
Ciel (Seelie)

Queen Mab (Unseelie)
Nahele (Unseelie)


Ewan (The prophet)

Grim Reapers

Death Personified

Death (Occasionally refereed to as Thanatos)

High Council



Low Council

Farhat (Nocte’s companion at times)


3 thoughts on “The Characters

  1. Hi, quick question! What are the birthdays of the Yang clan members? And, what are their ages at the start of book 3? Thanks!

  2. World:

    Xon: “where the Yin, Paine, Yang and Prosperitas reside” [not Prosperitas but Lucent]

    Zyrith: “where the Bloodstone and Lucent live” [not Lucent but Prosperitas. Evidence in fifth book: “The Prosperitas are struggling to maintain whatever order is left on Zyrith.” Also makes more sense considering the Prosperitas-Bloodstone and Lucent-Paine rivalries.]

    Yheas: four countries:
    Yhaemel, Yhaekail, Yhaezet… fourth is missing.

    Some missing countries in Iavindine (capital city), Lamise (Diren & port city) and Ianvindat (some mentioned while with Grand Empress Dowager and by Witley in ch. 28, 5th book). Not sure if stuff missing from Xon.


    Spare: Melantha (Daughter, eldest child)
    Second: [Unnamed] (First Son)
    Acanthus has now been named and he’s the eldest.

    “Their greatest adversary is the Freesia Clan.” [not Freesia but Prosperitas]

    Father’s name is Jabari.

    Pharmakon is missing an “a”.
    Heir is of course not “Ramiro” but Axelia.

    Terrian misspelled as “Terrain”.

    Xonese Imperial Family:
    Prince Pian Long is missing an “i”.

    Still has Seth as Master Vampire instead of Achindra.

    Xiong, Yong and Elsu are missing, but they’re not actually people.
    Otherwise missing (assuming they’re worth mentioning): Jed (Darkhour’s buddy), Arjalinerk tribe, teachers at Evil and Hero, people from royal court

    Until later,

    • Wow. You covered a lot of people and places. Some are mistakes I totally missed, some are places I haven’t invented yet (but will need to soon…), and some are characters I’ve forgotten. I have failed. T_T Thank you for your help! I’ve incorporated the edits, and your mentioning Jed is a good thing. I honestly didn’t know who you were talking about until I read “(Darkhour’s buddy)” YOU KNOW YOUR/MY STUFF BETTER THAN ME!!!

      Thank you!
      – Zhen Xue Qing

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