After the Rain

A week ago, the city was bombarded with two consecutive weeks of sun and humidity. It was so hot that my grandparents installed their air conditioner and I was ready to do the same. The most chafing aspect of the heat wasn’t the heat itself, but rather the weather channel insisting that it would thunderstorm the next day… or the next… or the next… but it never came. And every morning I’d wake up to dark clouds in the sky, and hoping for a drop or two, only to be exhausted in the afternoon heat.

Like Nocte, I hate the heat. (Summer is my least favourite season.)

Then, just as I was ready to install my air conditioner, it rained. It rained all day, and so hard that the trees bent and the pavement sounded like it was being pelted with rocks. Although it stranded me in the house, I was so very, very glad for the rain, something to soften the heat and soothe my temper, something that would save me from having to water my garden in the humidity again.

And my garden flourished after the rainfall! The romaine lettuces are quite fat now, and even the tomatoes have grown taller! (I tried growing tomatoes last year… and they died, which shocked my mom. She said that tomatoes are hardy plants… but I guess they couldn’t fight me, eh?) Most exciting, of course, is my Eden Climber — there are two rose buds from when I’ve last seen them! I can’t wait until they bloom, and I’m hoping they’ll have a scent!


Of course, shortly after that, I got another internship, this time at a start-up online marketing company. I’m the social media intern… which is laughable because I’m not very on the up-and-up on that sort of thing. (My Twitter is lacking, my Facebook is abysmal, and my WordPress isn’t exactly focused on one subject…) BUT, I’m using this opportunity to learn. So far, it’s been three days and I’m still a little awkward in the office. I just want everyone else to like me, that’s all. :/

Although I’m not peachy after the rain, not like my garden, I’m hoping that this opportunity will help me grow. I’m struggling, of course (being the newbie and all), but I’m more scared of failing the company than the company failing me. I can’t imagine how stressed and anal I’d be if I get a real career going…

That’s a sobering thought, but at least the rain is a relief. (It rained again today!)



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