Late June Garden

This Monday, the company I’ve been interning at implemented summer hours. This means that from Monday to Thursday, we work an extra hour and then leave at 1pm on Fridays. This is wonderful because it allows me to do some grocery shopping, some bank visiting, and some breathing time before the weekend. (This weekend is particularly nice because it’s a long weekend – yay for Canada Day!)

Despite how stressful the beginning of the week was, the end was so much sweeter! My co-workers (including my supervisor) and I have been getting along, I just got paid (it’s a paid internship!), and we’ve been laughing a lot at the office! 😀 Of course, I don’t expect everyday to be this great, but to give this work week the perfect sending off, I went out to my garden and took some pictures!

Here’s an update!

[Also, please check out the awesome TVTrope’s page for Nocte Yin. Thank you, schattenmalerinfor all your hard work! I couldn’t have done it without you!)


Goji Berries | Health


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