Autumn Cleaning

Every seasonal change, I go through a purge. There is not just Spring Cleaning with me, but also a Summer, Autumn and Winter Cleanings. Stuff just piles up in 3-4 months that need to be discarded, rearranged and organized. The last time I’ve done an overhaul, I moved a dresser and a bedside table into my closet. It gave my room an illusion of space… but not the ideal space. Time and money constraints make it hard for me to create my ideal room, but moving heavy furniture and donating a couple of books make me feel lighter.

Besides switching to a high-vegetable diet (which I will start this week), I’ve also started to move the furniture in my room again. I’ve tossed out a shelf that, literally, fell apart when I lifted it, donated two stacks of books, and put all my university papers, notes and tests in the basement for storage. My mom was over this week and, besides organizing the house (because I live with my brother and he’s a slob – oh, and his girlfriend moved in and they’re renovating their rooms), she helped me organize my clothes and cleared out my closet. I came home from work one day and opened my closet, and saw our old shoe rack in there with all my shoes!

I have a shoe closet!

And, of course, all my clothes actually fit in my wardrobe now… I don’t know how my mom does it, but she can fit every tiny thing in even tinier things. Besides that, she also got me a bed frame! Now my bed is off from the floor, and every night when I go to sleep, I feel like a princess! Yay!

My next plan of action is to receive a “new” shelf from my brother’s girlfriend. Since they’re renovating and getting an abundant of new furniture, I’m going to ask her if I can have her old bookshelf, which is twice the size of mine! If I get it, I’ll throw out my second old bookshelf and replace it with hers. That would be perfect for all my books, files and writing material. In time, I want to sprinkle my room with plants.

I’m really concerned about my health. It’s common knowledge that the air in the city is not as good as the air in the country (where I come from), so I’m hoping to offset the pollutants with some plants. (Only that all plants seem to die on me all the time… -_-)

On that note, a health update! I lost 3 pounds since April! Yes! Not as significant as some people, but it’s progress! I am within my BMI, but I just want to lose another 3 pounds by the end of this year. It’s going to be a challenge because it took, basically, 6 months to lose the 3 pounds I’ve lost, so to lose that much in half the time is nerve wracking. I am going to cut out a lot of sugar, eat more salads and less rice. (Less rice is such a big no-no in Chinese society, but I have to do something!)

As a part of my cleaning post – what with the actual cleaning of my room and my beginning of cleaning up my body – a lot of things are happening to clean up my sadness. People are following me on Google+ (yes, I started one), Tumblr and Twitter. That’s always exciting! I’m also getting these random reviews out of no where from FictionPress. I haven’t updated in a long while, but then a review would suddenly be in my inbox. It’s always a great surprise!

Another awesome surprise is Laniessa‘s fanart of Nocte Yin! It just suddenly popped up from nowhere and placed in a comment on this WordPress! Totally took me by surprise, and I got so bubbly that I cleaned and rearranged my room until well after midnight last night! Whoot!

So, all in all, things are going well! After I clear my room, I’m going to get back into writing a.s.a.p.! Hope this post will be a push toward that direction! ^_^


Peace Lily* | Peace and Hope

*One of the top air cleaning plants.


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