October 13, 2012: 13|thirteen

This will be a short post about Nocte’s birthday.

For years, I had thought about writing a prequel for the Nocte Yin series, mostly to wrap my head around the characters’ histories and to make sense of how Nocte became who she is today. Throughout the series, I dropped hints of how it had been when, honestly, I had no idea myself. Going into the series, I had no idea who these people were, and as I wrote filler I became more and more familiar with them. Even to this day, I’m still surprised at how they’re developing and who they really are.

I had this idea of a short anthology to document Nocte’s past. I didn’t want it to be long and winded because I was, and still am, writing the series. I thought about having this anthology be in Nocte’s perspective, like all the present stories, but then I thought of how great it’d be to have the anthology from the perspectives of those around her.

Last year, it hit me that I should publish the story in 13 chapters on the 13 years before that fateful summer when Nocte was transferred to the dreaded Evil Academy.

So here you have it, folks!

13|thirteen is the 13 chapters, of the 13 birthdays, published on the 13th of every month, about the 13 years leading up to Evil Academy.

The first chapter is published today, 10/13/12, and the last chapter will be published, according to my plan, on 10/13/13. I am determined to publish each successive chapter on the 13th day in the following months.

The first chapter is from Umbra’s perspective.




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