“Nocte Yin was a perfectly normal twelve-year-old girl.”

Nocte Yin Series

Nocte Yin

Nocte Yin is just your average, every day girl walking down the street… except her family is one of the most prominent villainous clans in all of Erisire. While she is adamantly adverse to villainy and all kinds of scheming altogether – her family is not. Surprise, surprise (not really), when they decide to transfer her to another school: Evil Academy, the school for villains-in-the-making. Scheming is, after all, the Yin’s favourite pastime.

Nocte Yin: How to be Evil 101

Of all the insane and stupid things that can happen… Nocte is still in Evil Academy and, dare she admit it, likes it??? So she now has a bff and a reputation, but things are getting to be worrisome when her family begins to avoid (?) her and her bff is hiding something…?

Nocte Yin: Confessions of a Villain-in-the-Making

“It is only natural, after my family’s quiet scheming (and they are so bloody good at it!), that I refuse to speak to them. It is only natural, after they had hid from me and put their lives in front of death, that I run away the summer after. It is only natural – not really – that they decide to transfer me (again) to another school – the one place they despise more than the Hero Capital: Hero Academy, the school for heroes-in-training. Are you as confused, and pissed off, as me?”

Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

Disowned by her family, Nocte now receives the news that the Empire is in danger of a civil war because of the empty throne. Trusting her father to keep her safe, she finds herself running across the empire with a weak princess in tow because, of course, this princess is supposedly the next Empress! With Imperial intrigue along every step, Nocte can’t help but believe that, above all else, her father is right.

Nocte Yin: Anti-Villain, Anti-Hero and Anti-Everything-Else

In the aftermath of the Xonese accession and the civil war, Nocte has no more strength left to continue or to even reflect upon her future. Imagine her surprise, and utter guilt, when her brother, the one she hasn’t spoken to in months, adamantly directs her back into Evil Academy. It is not an appetizing suggestion, made even less so when it is her final year, and all final year students at Evil Academy must complete a Final Project: To take over another world. Like herself, and unlike every other Yin before her, she somehow finds herself… stuck on her chosen planet: Earth.

Nocte Yin Prequel


[Prequel to the “Nocte Yin” series.]

Before Earth, before Xon, before Evil Academy, there were the scattered years of her childhood — of the Death Glare, the mirror and the Labyrinth. From her birth to the years leading up to that fateful summer, Nocte Yin’s life is recounted by those closest to her: her family.

This is the recounting of those 13 years of the daughter and sister who altered everything.

Nocte Yin Vignettes

Your Lady Yin

[Companion piece to Nocte Yin: Anti-Villain, Anti-Hero and Anti-Everything-Else, Chapter Two.]

When she met him, she had hoped for happiness, but like all great tragic love stories, theirs was no different.

The Boy Emperor and His Labyrinth

[Prequel to the “Nocte Yin” series. Vignette on Dire Yin.]

Once in every 365 days in a year, there is a Midnight Sun. Once in every 365 days in a year, there is no place for him to be lost in. And for the next 364 days in a year, he knows that she will find him.



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